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Vector Art Services

What is Vector Art Services

Vector Art Service is a vectorization and image repair service specializing in manually redrawing images in vector format. Vector files can be saved as AI, EPS, CDR, PDF, SVG and more. Vector graphics are suitable for specialty printers, spot color separation, cut-ready vector art for signs, vector line art for engraving, plotters, web use and more. We can also create vector drawings from rough sketches. Vectorization can be done to "clean up" poor quality images or to scale images without losing quality.

What WE Do...!

At Digitising Ascent, our expert artists redraw your raster jpg / bmp blurred photo to vector format. No automated software used to create the vector- which would mean, minimum vector nodes, no overlapping cut lines, and files ready for print production / plotting / etching / engraving.

We create high-resolution vector art from low resolution photos or other images, which can be scaled up or down infinitely without the loss of resolution and that is why the most preferred format for commercial printing. These images also provide a flexible, customizable, easy way to add the smallest of detail and are the best way to get your image looking exactly how you want it to be. We also provide great line art drawings with intricate detailing.

Why Choose Digitising Ascent for Vector Art Sevices…!

Digitising Ascent has a team of vector art designers, image artists, graphic artists with proficiency in softwares like illustrator, corel draw, photoshop, etc. They have vast experience in designing and developing vector art images. Our digitizing experts leverage new technologies and enhanced processes to create superior Vector images to run smoothly on any machine.

Digitising Ascent 24 X 6 service, with most of the completed tapes returned to you on the same day with no extra charge. All edits will be prioritized to meet strict deadlines. Our motto has always been quality over pricing, which reaffirms our commitment to a long term relationship with our clients.

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